Umrah Deal for October 2018


Umrah is a minor Pilgrimage to Makkah that unlike obligatory pilgrimage Hajj can be performed anytime throughout the whole year for the duration of October 2018. Umrah is normally referred to as the minor or Lesser Pilgrimage. Performing Umrah is not the obligation on Muslims, but there is great reward that Muslims can earn by performing Umrah because performing Umrah is a Sunnah. Umrah can be performed in any month but performing Umrah in the month of Holy Quran has so many blessings and rewards. Umrah includes Tawaaf (circumambulation) around the Holy Kaaba seven times and performing Saaee between the two sacred hills of safa and Marwah, Umrah is performed by getting into the sacred state of Ihram, pilgrimage can not be done in formal clothing. In order to perform Umrah one has to wear prescribed clothing of Umrah which is Ihram.

Saudi Tours:

At Saudi Tours we offer a best and affordable of Umrah deals and packages and recently we are offering October Umrah Packages 2018 and had been helping people to carry out their religious and sacred responsibilities and Sunnah of performing Umrah for many years. No longer best part is that we are ATOL and IATA registered agency, we’re relied on, have remarkable reviews and have an outstanding Umrah deals to enjoy you sacred journey, as we are the best Umrah package tour operators. We also offer tailor made October Umrah package to offer a superb desire of options that matches all budgets all of which might be distinct and defined fully. We always use right decision and plan with the help of professionals to help you on your sacred journey of life to make it a lifelong reminiscence.Choose from the best October umrah packages 2018, and tailor umrah deals to satisfy and meet your precise requirements. Please have a look at our October Umrah deals 2018.

October Umrah packages for 2018

Umrah is the non-obligatory act of worship in Islam and a dream of all Muslims. We have organised best Umrah packages which allow pilgrims to enjoy Umrah deals readily with complete comfort and support. The journey to Makkah is one to take into account your entire existence. We bring you the fine Umrah deals for 2018 by taking comments from our reputable clients and updating and therefore enhancing our Umrah deals. Our dedication ensures every Umrah package satisfactory suits your requirements and needs, is lower priced and also gives you an extra degree of pliability. We listen to your feedback and remarks and this is one of the many motives behind our Umrah package. Because we update, and improve our tours, we’re proud to announce our higher than ever October Umrah deals 2018.


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Saudi Tours is the UK Based Company that’s name is 7-Continents Travel (Ltd). This is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah Travel agency. This is providning the range of cheapest Hajj, Umrah, Flights, Visa andHotels from UK.

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